Company Affiliations

GoslingProductions is proud to have worked with event companies and suppliers from around Australia and Internationally.

I would like to acknowledge their contributions and support of GoslingProductions over the years, past and future, through all facets of festivals, theatre and events.

Andy J Sound, Adelaide
Osmond Electronics, Adelaide
Central Audio Visual, Adelaide
Staging Connections, Adelaide & Melbourne
Mr Rigger, Adelaide
Show Technology, Melbourne
Phaseshift Productions, Melbourne
Resolution X, Melbourne
Active Lighting, Melbourne
Vision One Productions, Bali, Indonesia
Virtuoso Productions, Bali, Indonesia
Show Tech, Singapore
MA Lighting International
Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide
Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide
Johnsons (JPJ), Melbourne
Big Picture, Melbourne
South West Solutions (SWS), Melbourne
WooHah Productions, Melbourne
selectAV, Melbourne
LexAV, Melbourne
RTR Productions, Melbourne
Trumpet Events, Melbourne
Arts Centre, Melbourne
Ambersphere Solutions, London, UK
SM Lighting, Scotland, UK
Light & Sound Solutions, Melbourne
BAAC Light, Melbourne
Clearsound Productions, Melbourne

(list as at 31/10/2013)

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