2010 Part A – GoslingProductions Meets KuDeTa Bali

It has been a very long time since I have had the opportunity to sit down and write down the experiences GoslingProductions has been having over the past month, but alas, the time has come! There has been so much going on, that I have broken the last several months up into parts (as you will see by the headings of these posts) and so I look forward to hearing your comments!

It started last July when GoslingProductions was contacted by Vision 1 Productions in Bali and asked to head up the lighting design and operations of their biggest show of the year – the KuDeTa High Season parties. KuDeTa, one of the most pretegious and Ach Account Definition classy restaurants on the island of Bali, for one month of the year is renowed for their dance parties. Vision 1, who has been supplying lighting, sound, staging and vision for this production over the years, brought GoslingProductions on board as they were no long able to cope with the enormity of the project on their own. Over the 4 week high season, KDT was to hold four massive dance parties. The first being their annual charity event “I’m An Angel” showcased Australian artist Delta Goodrem before clearing the dinner plates to make room for the dance floor. The week later, a new theme and a new lighting design was needed for KDT’s 9th Birthday Party. Every week the lighting, sound and staging got bigger and bigger all heading up to the final party.

The third instalment was the annual “Day Party” – a party starting early afternoon and progressing well into the night. All the hype and excitement of the three preceding weeks was finally released when the fourth instalment, the “White Party” was unleashed. Dressed in Togas, over 4000 party goers danced and grooved the night away to the beats of local and international DJ’s.

Lighting a show of this scale was no mean feat, as it was not only the dance floor that had to be considered. There was also the dining area, a special VIP day bed area, the beach front itself (which the restaurant sits on), the decor of the restaurant interior and the transformation of the restaurants entrance way. Local company Heliconia provided a different array of decor each week, from umbrellas and reeds, to a giant venus statue and an even bigger horse reared up on its hind legs.

Lighting equipment consisted of Futurelight 860 Profiles, Movitech Washes and Movitech Profiles. For the White Party Varilight 3500’s were added to the equation. This was accompanied by a plethora of par64’s and LED units used on the dance floor and for all the decor lighting. Control was off Hog2 PC with a 4-DMX widget. We were maxed out on universes for most of the latter dance parties as as each week got bigger, so did the amount of gear we crammed into the venue.

Along with a plethora of audio, staging, trussing and vision supplied by a 3rd party company, GoslingProductions was thrilled with the results. And I’ve included a few photos so you can have a look at the show. GoslingProductions has been engaged again for the 2010 high season, and are very excited about the next challenge and the next set of themed dance parties.

A huge thank you must also go to Sue & Helen from Vision 1 Productions, as well as their unbelievably hard working crew who literally had a sleepless month ensuring everything was up and functioning, ready to go.

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