2010 Part D – GoslingProductions meets the Jungle

GoslingProductions has moved into the Jungle! In November 2009, GoslingProductions was approached by Immanuel College Adelaide to provide full technical design and production management for their school production of The Jungle Book. With a cast of 25, the brief was an interesting one.

“We want to do the Jungle Book in a totally new way”, said Trudi Ritter, Drama Coordinator and Director of The Jungle Book. “I want to do a version of childrens theatre, giving our audience a timeless message, but I want to do it in a totally stylistic way. I want to have the Jungle, under a bigtop”. And so it began. The Jungle Book portrayed in a contemporary way under the bigtop.

Popular characters were given a slight twist – the wolves became the riggers of the circus, living and breathing the life of the touring performer. Baloo the bear became the Strong Man. Shere Khan the Tiger , a vicious fighter. Bagheera the magician, Tabaqui the Jackal became the ring leader and so forth.

Set, Sound, Lighting & Publicity design were all then passed to GoslingProductions. As you will see in the images below, the set was designed to both reflect on the jungle but also the modern-ness of the circus. Using 3 distinct areas of scaffolding, I was able to frame the stage whilst allowing ample room for both entrances and exits and for different levels within the set – with performers climbing in and amongst the vines at certain points through the show.

The sound scape for this show, was a modern one. Using upbeat and contemporary hits, the show was divided up with musical numbers sung by members of the cast, or dance numbers carried out by the monkeys. In addition to this, I designed a deep underlying sound scape of jungle and storm ambience Heart Ach which helped to set the mood of the production.

Lighting was an integral part of the design focus, melding set and lighting into one. Using an array of conventional, intelligent and LED fixtures, I was able to create a dense atmosphere and focus throughout different moments of the show. Lighting consisted of:

8 x 1K Fresnel
8 x Selecon Pacifics
12 x Par 64’s underhung below the ‘big top’
4 x Mac 250 Entours
7 x LED Honeycombs
1 x DF50 Hazer
1 x Hog 1K

The show was a resounding success, with every show packing the house to capacity and on all occasions to a standing ovation.  I have added some images of the set and cast for your perusal!

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