2010 Part F – Clipsal 500

It was that time of year again when the V8 engines started roaring and slowly but surely, driving through the eastern park lands you could see the formation of something massive growing out of the victoria park race course. The Clipsal 500 After Track Concerts were bigger than ever this year with a massive line up. GoslingProductions was contacted by production provider Osmond Electronics to come on board as MA Systems Engineer, LX Systems Tech & MA Programmer.

This years line up included names such as Eskimo Joe, Status Quo, John Stevens & Noise Works, The Hilltop Hoods, Jessica Malboy, Tom Williams, The Funkoars to name a few. GoslingProductions was privileged enough to provide one on one MA programming support for operators of The Hilltop Hoods, John Stevens & Noise Works, The Funkoars and Tom Williams.

As is to be expected throughout any show, there are to be some hiccups. This year, the grandMA fullsize we had running at FOH had a couple of bugs in the effects engine, but thankfully, GoslingProductions was to the rescue and was able to sort out some substantial work arounds through the use of macros and reassigning sequences within the console so that all operators could get their desired looks right when they needed them.

At front of house Clipsal’s Lighting Designer Justin Accatino opted to run a grandMA Series 1 Fullsize, with MA onPC as a full tracking back up and an MA NSP to provide signal. We also threw in MA 3D into the mix to allow easier visualisation during day time programming hours. The rig was a big one, with 3 main trusses and one huge curved rear truss. The rig consisted of:

24 x Mac 700 Profiles
12 x Mac 700 Wash
8 x Mac 2000 Profile
8 x Mac 250 Beam
8 x Mac 600 Wash
10 x Atomic Strobes
5 x 8-way Molefay Blinders
6 x 4-way Molefay Blinders
14 x 2-way Molefay Blinders
12 x Bars ACL’s
4 x Bars P64 MFL
12 x ETC Source 4 Profiles
4 x 2.5KW Studio Due City Colours
24 x LED Honeycombs
1 x grandMA Fullsize Console
1 x MA NSP
1 x MA onPC
1 x MA 3D
2 x 48Way Dimmers

Attached below are some images Ach Money of the lighting rig. Sound at this years Clipsal 500 was designed by FOH Engineer Travis Anderson. A huge array of 20 XB cabinets per side, plus side, side FOH, centre fill and subs provided a huge bang. FOH was running a Midas Heritage 3000 and the Digidesign console with a Yamaha PM5D and a Midas Heritage for monitors.

Overall Clipsal 500 was a huge success, and GoslingProductions was thrilled and privilaged to be such a big part of this years events.

Special thanks to Justin Accatino, Travis Anderson & Andrew Gough for their ongoing support.

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