A Busy March Indeed!

Wow! GoslingProductions has been kept on their toes during the last several weeks, with a plethora of events, festivals and productions being run! It began with Soundwave 2009 at Bonython Park in Adelaide, where GoslingProductions was invited to be Lighting Designer for Stage 3. Using from FOH NSP 64’s, 8 x Mac 700 Profiles, 4 x Mac 700 Wash, 2 x Atomic 3K Strobes and a Hog 1000 for control, GoslingProductions successfully lit a variety of acts and bands on Stage 3 of Soundwave 2009.

Next, it was straight into WOMADelaide 2009 where GoslingProductions in association with Osmond Electronics Adelaide, were responsible for the lighting of all 7 WOMAD stages. Stage 1 had 8 x Mac 600, 4 x Mac 600 NT/E, 16 x Mac 700 Profile, 8 x Mac 700 Wash, & 8 x 4way Bars of 64 MFL’s. Stage 2 was rigged out with a selection of Mac 250 Wash fixtures, and 8 Mac 2K Performances aswell as Bars of 64 NSP’s. Stage 3 had Mac 250 Entours and some Mac 300 Washes, Stage 4 with Bars of NSP’s and 4 x Mac 500 Profiles. Stage 6 also had Mac 500 Profiles, with the other stages being rigged out with conventional fixtures. A MA Lighting GrandMA Fullsize was used to control Stage 1, with a Hog 1000 at the other stages, and conventional boards at those without moving fixtures.

Straight after WOMADeladie 2009 was a move into the Clipsal track. After only 4 days down time to clean, sort and repair any damaged fixtures, they were back on the truck and heading to the races. The Clipsal After Race Concerts were complete with 4 flying trusses, with circular trusses suspended beneath, with an array of ground lighting also. On the front truss were 8 x Mac 700 Wash, 6 x 2K Fresnel & 4 x 8way Molefay Blinders. On the next 4″ half circle were 4 x Mac 700 Profiles, and honeycomb LED fixtures. On the next truss were an array of NSP Bars, Mac 600 Wash’s, Atomic 3K Strobes and suspended under that were 3 half circles decked out with 16 x Mac 700 Profiles and more HoneyComb LED fixtures for audience wash.

Behind that was truss 3 with Mac 600 Washes and more NSP’s and behind that truss 4 with Mac 600 Wash’s, Atomic 3K Strobes and Mac 2K Performances. On the ground were a selection of Mac 600 NT/E’s as well as the remainder of the Mac 2K Performances. For side fill we had 4 x Mac 250 Wash’s and 2 Atomic 3K Strobes with scrollers. Flown under the back truss were four 2×4 meter low-res Pro Shop LED Video Wall, run off Arkaos. The whole rig was controlled by a GrandMA Fullsize with MA Light as backup, or a Hog iPC (whatever touring LD’s decided to use). 4 2.5KW Robert Juliat Followspots were positioned in the FOH Followspot Towers.

After a successful Clipsal 500, GoslingProductions was going out Usd Ach Payment to the country for the Bundaleer Forest Music Weekend with the ASO. The main stage of Bundaleer had 4 x Mac 700 Profiles, 8 x Mac 250 Wash, and 2 x Robe DT 3000 Moving Projector Heads for Cyc imaging. This was accompanied by a range of 4-way NSP Bars, 2 & 1.5K Fresnels, 4way molefays with scrollers for houselight and honeycomb LED’s for the truss legs.

Stage 2 was a simple stage with 4 WFL bars, 4 x Mac 500 Profiles and some LED Strips to light up the roof of the hocker the stage was contained within. Both stages were run off a Hog 1000.

Images of the events will be up soon!

I hope you enjoyed my recap of the past month! Its been incredibly exciting and a wonderful few weeks, and I look forward to what’s next!



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