Adelaide Fringe

The 2008 Adelaide Fringe has come and gone, and it has been a busy time for GoslingProductions.

The first show on the list was an outdoor event in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and was a classic shakespearean performance of “As You Like It”. With a fantastic cast, it was a privilege to work on such a prestegious show. As the performance was outdoors in a amphitheatre like setting, there was no sound needed but a simple array of open white lighting fixtures. Positioned in the OP Tree were two 500W Mini Fresnels. Positioned in the Prompt tree were two open white Par64’s, with another set of standard 100W globes for house light. Along the front of the performance area were another three 500W mini fresnels, with three 1K fresnels on push up stands positioned along the back of the audience seating area. There was also a boom arm with 2 Par 64’s, 1 mini fresnel and 1 source 4 profile for extra side fill. The whole array was run off a Jands HP Dimmer and controlled off a 12/24 LSC Atom desk from backstage.

GoslingProductions must thank the fantastic cast for the continual support during the event, as a bump-in and bump-out was required every night after every show! The performances were a huge success, despite the noise pollution from the Clipsal500 and the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

The second show that GoslingProductions was engaged in was “A Bit Of Swing, Blues & Broadway” by Citrus Entertainment at the Stag Hotel. Sound was the topic of investigation for this event, as the hotel had some previously installed pinspots and Acme iColour4’s in the room. Running off  Mackie 16 channel control desk, with compressors, effects, amps, and a cross over positioned in the rack below, the control system powered two FOH EV 1000W speakers, and four foldback wedges for the 5 piece band. The band consisted of a saxophone, trumpet, double bass, drum kit and keys with vocals by organiser Chris Eaton. Signals were returned through a 20 loom XLR Multicore and were mixed accordingly.

The event was a huge success, with packed out houses on all three nights of the cabaret event. GoslingProductions were privileged to work on such a high calibre performance and look forward to working with Citrus Entertainment again on future shows.

Full  reviews of all the shows at the Adelaide Fringe 2008 can be found at or

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Daniel Gosling
– GoslingProductions

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