GoslingProductions is an production company with a difference. I have worked around the world and have bases in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and the UK. GoslingProductions specialise in lighting system design, video and lighting network design and integrated solutions (lighting/video/set) of anything from theatre to circus to rock’n’roll to high end corporate events. Owner and operator Daniel “Goz” Gosling has over a decade of experience working in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

GoslingProductions provides services in:

  • Top Class Touring Production Engineers – Lighting, Video, FOH Audio & Monitors
  • Lighting System Design (turning “CAD” into reality) & Touring Services
  • Lighting Network Design (Distribution/Power/Network Infrastructure)
  • Lighting Programming, Operation and Consultation in MA (Series 1 & 2)/M1/Hog and more.
  • Video System Design & Touring Services
  • Live Sound Design
  • Live Sound Operation and Consultation for events
  • Stage, Production & Tour Management
  • Pre & Post Production Video Filming and Editing
  • Workshop or Seminar Solutions

And many, many more available on request! The flexibility of GoslingProductions is endless!

The History Of GoslingProductions

I started GoslingProductions in Janurary of 2005 after returning from Singapore to Adelaide, South Australia and after many years of freelance work within the Singaporean theatrical circuit I was keen to build my experience in areas of the corporate, festival and rock’n’roll worlds.

9 years on, GoslingProductions is quickly becoming a well known name in the areas of lighting systems engineering, having worked on many productions as a touring systems and console technician, and in more recent times as a confident and strong video technician on the touring rock’n’roll circuit.

I have worked on events from all aspects of the entertainment industry, from theatre, dance and circus, to high end corporate events, to touring festivals, dance parties and rock’n’roll both around australia and internationally. I strive to really bridge the gap between a designers desire, and a physical reality and throughly enjoy turning plans into real life.

I am also a furiously ¬†passionate trainer of anyone willing to learn, what I believe, is the dying art of stage craft. The “show must go on” mentality. Which is why I launched “Easy Stage Craft” to teach everything I know to anyone who wants to learn it! From basics to advanced skills, tips and tricks I have learnt in over a decade of experience in the industry.

Contact me today if you’re looking for some fantastic crew, some neat tidy and efficient systems design or for anything else you might want to know through my¬†contact page.

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