GrandMA 2!

For all those followers of GoslingProductions and GrandMA users alike, I wanted to let you all know that MA Lighting has recently released the GrandMA2!

Unlike the GrandMA Fullsize, the GrandMA2 range boasts an impressive new look with new features and an upgraded software and networking backbone.

Below are some pictures of the consoles:


GrandMA2 Full Size with Fader Wing


GrandMA2 Light with Fader Wing


GrandMA2 Ultra-Light with Fader Wing

The fullsize console boasts some fantastic new characteristics such as the capability to control up to 65, 536 parameters per session, 32 possible sessions with up to 200 stations per session, an enhanced multi user mode with an extra touch screen for programming and colour mixing purposes (9″ command monitor), three 15.4″ touch screen displays with two external outputs available, a motorize fader wing and a whole lot of other features which you will have to check out!

GoslingProductions has not yet had the chance to work with the GrandMA 2, but hopes to do so in the near future to further develop the companies vision about integrating any solution to create truly unique events. If the GrandMA Fullsize was anything to go by, this new and improved GrandMA2 with a stronger networking backbone, new interfaces and improved software will be a delight to use!

For more information, please visit the GrandMA2 website, or contact us through our Support Forum with any questions you may have.

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