Integrated Solutions

In today’s quickly evolving entertainment markets, designers and producers are constantly looking for a new and innovative way of presenting their content, visions and ideas in a captivating way to their audience. Lighting & Soundscapes are still used extensively, but more increasingly designers are looking to integrate video and projection into their lighting designs and sets. GoslingProductions is dedicated to integrating all these elements through a variety of different techniques.

These include:

  • Integrating Lighting and Video into a complete control system using MA/M1 or other consoles and the latest media servers and equipment.
  • Designing backbone network systems to ensure show stability with full redundancy
  • Integrating Lighting, Video, Sound and Set in a complete and innovative design for your productions

From years on the road I know first hand the importance of not only including and rolling all these factors into one, but understanding how to make them efficient, stable and flexible as your production evolves and travels. In this way, I can seemlessly meld elements of lighting, video, staging and audiovisual to create your unique theatrical event or corporate experience and get that look you’re after!

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