Lighting Design

GoslingProductions specialise in Lighting Design for today’s demanding and quickly evolving entertainment market. I use a mixture of the latest pre-visualisation and paperwork generation software (grandMA 3D, WYSIWYG, Vectorworks, Light Wright etc)

I am very experienced and formally accredited in a range of programming options including works with:

  • MA Lighting’ grandMA Range (Series 1 & 2)
  • Jands Hog1000 Range
  • High End Systems – Whole Hog, II, III & IV
  • A multitude of analogue and older style pre-set lighting methods, ideal for training a younger generation of evolving lighting designers within school groups and communities.

When it comes to equipment, GoslingProductions has a variety of experience with fixtures both Conventional and Intelligent including but not limited to the list below. I am also accredited as a Clay Paky and Martin service technician:

  • Martin Mac Moving Heads & Scanners – LED & Discharge
  • Clay Paky Moving Heads – LED & Discharge
  • Robe Lighting Moving Heads – LED & Discharge
  • Vari*Light Moving Fixtures
  • Selecon Conventional Fixtures (including Pacific Spots, Fresnels and a variety of other fixtures)

GoslingProductions flexibility with lighting design is what makes it an ideal choice for anybody looking for a truly unique design and flair to their productions. Not only does GoslingProductions specialise in lighting design for large scale clients, it also sees the importance of teaching the young and therefore has extensive knowledge and experience working with Universities and School Groups on an international level.

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